Break through the new era with English and sports education!

    GSA and AMUSE are teaming up for the first time to hold a very original educational program. English is taught in combination with one of the most beloved sports in the world: basketball.

  • ■ Target

    Elementary school students (1st to 6th grade)

    - Children who are interested in basketball, or who want to improve their basketball skills.

    - Children whose guardians wish to see studying abroad or playing sports around the world in the near future.

    [Japan] Special Basketball English Camp

    Where: Chiyoda International School Tokyo
    When: 2019/07/31 ~ 2019/08/02 (3 days)

    Time: 9:00 ~ 15:00


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    [Overseas] USA Special Basketball English Camp

    Where: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


    Term 1 → 2019/07/14 ~ 20 (7 days, 5 nights)

    Term 2 → 2019/07/21 ~ 27 (7 days, 5 nights)


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  • 2020: The Year for Sports in Japan

    From 2020, the year of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games, English education will start in 3rd grade, and by 5th-6th grade English will be one of the curriculum subjects. In a world hectically transforming by globalization and diversification, we feel there is the need for our children, who will be carrying the new generation on their shoulders, to not only improve their language ability but also their logical thinking and dynamism in order to be able to take action in environments and towards people with diverse cultural backgrounds.


    In order to stimulate the growth of their strength to challenge new environments, we use sports and entertainment as an entry point to create situations where the children may think "It's fun to be able to speak English!", "The world gets bigger!".
    We believe that children raised with this kind of education can become people of talent, able to live through their time and realize their future dreams.

    Special Camp Features

    1. Management support by Amuse Entertainment Corporation

    Amuse is known for producing various artists, but it actually also manages Japan's top athletes. The company took active part in planning and administrating this summer camp. Making best use of their knowledge and network, their support in cooperation with Global Step Academy is going to widen up next generation children's possibilities.


    2. Experience world's top level environment

    Our Overseas Special Camp is organized by the prestigious University of California (UCLA), which gave birth to a great number of athletes in NBA (world's most prominent basketball league), and also is the 11-times winner of the NCAA tournament of American Universities.

    Participants of this camp also have the valuable opportunity to experience life inside American top class UCLA campus.

    3. Additional online lessons for all participants

    We offer all camp participants free use of the English educational program on GSA-run online school. By experiencing GSA's original curriculum developed in years of international school management, you can get used to English environment before your voyage and get the necessary support to fully enjoy both basketball and English learning during the camp. We are also planning to implement an English follow-up program after the camp.

  • Application Procedure

    ※ For the Japanese Camp, your entry is completed by sending the application form.



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